Our Mission: Quality and Safety

When dealing with "special" products like aerial platforms, quality issues cannot be taken lightly, but must be studied carefully and in depth, considering all aspects in a context of overall safety.
Product safety means safety in every single operating procedure. Airo has always adopted the strictest European and international standards on safety, and invests heavily on guaranteeing the safety of its end users (Airo currently follows the standards required by ISO 9001 quality certification).

The investment that you make when buying an AIRO platform includes the cost of ensuring that your personnel will be working in complete safety.
Occupational accidents caused by equipment that is inadequate or lacking in safety measures are highly expensive for operators, companies and the community as a whole. You can prevent accidents by investing in platforms that are designed for safety.
AIRO platforms are sound, solid and safe, and will pay you back with years of reliable service.

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