The name AIRO comes from an ancient Greek word meaning to rise or to lift. What name could better represent a company with a consolidated history and strongly devoted to technical research?

TIGIEFFE has always been interested in the lifting sector.

Created in 1980 as a partner for the construction of special lift trucks for PIMESPO (now known as FIAT OM PIMESPO CARRELLI ELEVATORI and owned by the LINDE Group), Tigieffe initially collaborated with LINDE GULDNER ITALIANA as a lift truck dealer.

The close relationship between Pimespo and Linde reinforced Tigieffe's drive for quality and safety, which, combined with the company's interest in the lifting sector, brought TIGIEFFE to start the production of self-propelled aerial platforms under the brand name AIRO.

Today TIGIEFFE and AIRO are well established on the European market, and distinguished by a wide range of models (more than 50) and the quality of their products and services.

Airo by TIGIEFFE s.r.l. - via villa superiore, 82 - 42045 - Luzzara (RE) Italy - tel.: +39 0522 977365 - Fax: +39 0522 977015 - P.IVA: 00914750351
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