Suppliers are a fundamental aspect for the improvement of Airo's competitiveness: in fact, purchased components have a decisive weight on the final product in terms of cost, quality and, therefore, fulfilment of the consumer's needs.

Airo intends to establish a stable and transparent cooperative relationship, to make use of the capacities, resources and experience of the suppliers in order to improve its own competitiveness

The evaluation and selection of Suppliers are carried out according to homogenous methodologies, in accordance with objective parameters. Airo selects its suppliers according to their ability to satisfy supply requirements: this is because the materials purchased become part of the Airo product and they directly affect the quality thereof.

The selection of suppliers takes the following parameters into account:
- Technology: technological adequacy, technological and design ability;
- Service/Logistics: compliance with delivery schedules, flexibility, compliance with delivery methods;
- Price: compliance with set Target, ability to generate efficiency over time; - Financial stability;
- Quality: compliance with Quality System required by Airo, compliance with quality performance requirements;
- Environment Management System: compliance with Environment Management System

Companies that intend to begin a relationship with Airo as Suppliers can send their application to the following e-mail address:

If necessary, Airo reserves the right to carry out an initial visit to the Supplier's premises.

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