AIRO NOVELTIES at PIACENZA GIS Piacenza 7-8-9 October 2021 

la XL20RTE e laSerie A18PLUS con nuova Opzione 8° 

AIRO NOVELTIES at PIACENZA GIS Piacenza 7-8-9 October 2021 

-outside area L4/M1- 

For the first time in Italy the XL20RTE 

With up to 20m working height includes a double deck platform (2* 1.5m, extends up to 7.4m) offering a load capacity of up to 700kg including 6 people. 

Automatic levelling and manually adjustable stabilizers, 4WD and oscillating axle, axle drive system ensure excellent grip even on rough terrain, furthermore the two maintenance free AC electric motors, its 48V 455Ah traction battery make the XL20RTE the ideal solution for the most demanding job sites: working in FULL ELECTRIC, with reduced impact on fuel consumption and noise pollution. Last but not least: the XL20RTE id driveable at its max working height. 

A18PLUS series with new Option 8°. 

Sure interest to the industry is the brand new 8° OPTION available for the A18 PLUS series: 

the possibility to work on slopes up to 8° and a maximum working height of 15m. 

Without stabilizers the A18PLUS in standard version can be used for the maintenance of road lights and tunnels in efficiency, speed and safety. 

The A18 PLUS series is available in Diesel, Full Electric and Hybrid versions, the models have a double load capacity of 300/400kg, including 3 persons, offer a working height of 18.45m, 4-wheel drive and steer, the axle transmission system with the oscillating axle make the A18PLUS Series the real protagonist in all building site and industrial maintenance works. 

The Airo range: at the GIS show in PIACENZA a good part of the wide range of Airo models will be displayed: 

- XLP5E DUAL: Manual push around 

- XS8E, XS9E, X16EW: Industrial compact scissors 

- X14RTE, XL20RTE FULL ELECTIC construction shears: 

- A17JE : Full ELECTRIC Articulated Boom for Industrial Maintenance 

- A18JRTH PLUS HYBRID Articulated Boom for construction sites 

- V10E Vertical Full Electric 

AIRO NOVELTIES at PIACENZA GIS Piacenza 7-8-9 October 2021