Tradition and innovation in one name: AIRO

What does Airo mean? In ancient Greek it means to lift, to raise, to move upwards: it is the essence of our mission, of our commitment that has lasted for almost half a century. Airo was founded in 1980 and from the very beginning the desire behind our technological research has always been the same: to join height and safety. Over the years, we have certified over 60 different AIRO models, the result of our attention to the different needs and types of work that can be done at height. Starting from a small town in Emilia Romagna, we are now touching the sky in different parts of the world.

Research & Development

We combine a long and strong company tradition with a continuous drive for innovation, thanks to our focus on research and development and technical service activities, which allow us to maintain our technological leadership in the market, providing solutions that meet the requirements of our international customers and comply with the industry's reference standards. We have always been focused on your safety; this is why we created the innovative SENTINEL anti-crushing alarm, and various SAFE alarm devices, we strengthened platforms, railings and booms. We worked on the stability of the machines in all conditions, and we increased the load capacity of our platforms. Finally, we designed ergonomic, simple and intuitive controls to push you simply high. In a word: AIRO. Safely, higher.


Quality at Airo is mainly about your safety in using our platforms: this is why Quality for us is a company behaviour more than a single word, a widespread and shared behaviour, based on constant attention to the production of reliable lifting machines that comply with the applicable regulatory and legislative requirements, with the aim of increasing your satisfaction. To keep faith with our motto: "Safely, higher".


At Airo we care about the Environment: the external Environment, for which we strive to use zero-emission technologies such as our electric and lithium-ion batteries platforms. And to the internal Environment, where we take care of the organisational climate, pursue a policy of talent attraction and management and promote a business culture based upon objectives and extremely attentive to relationships and human qualities.