Because with Airo platforms you can carry out any type of task at height in complete safety.

Thanks to our experience and continuous attention to innovation, our commitment is to enable you to work at height in complete comfort, concentrating only on your activities.

Safely, higher.

That’s why we continue to work every day to improve the QUALITY of our platforms:

  • the compactness of our platforms allows you to work in inaccessible spaces and places, indoors and outdoors, combining load capacity, height and stability;
  • the height extension of the MAWP  and, depending on the model, the lateral outreach, the rotating jib or the scissor platform, make it possible to carry out work at heights that without Airo machines would be viewed from below;
  • the stability of the platform permits to overcome barriers and obstacles, without losing load capacity, manoeuvrability or safety;
  • the availability of different types of power supply means being able to choose diesel, hybrid or electric depending on the operation, even inside buildings and with no emissions. And it responds to a choice of environmental sustainability;
  • the easy handling due to simple controls and manoeuvrability of the platforms enables  to reach high and narrow spaces;
  • the safety allows operators to concentrate on their tasks instead of worrying about the risk of falling.

Choosing Airo means rising to the sky. Even without wings.

Discover the different lines of AIRO Aerial Platforms

Range A

Up to 23m, access to critical work areas thanks to height and outreach; loading efficiency and easy to drive.

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Range X

Up to over 20 m, large load capacity at maximum extension, stability and compactness.

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Range V

Up to 10 m with a 3.3 m outreach, easy handling and ease of movement.

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Range R

Up to 17 m high, great stability and load capacity

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Range T

Up to 34 m, with telescopic boom and RT equipment. At great heights on all types of soil

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