Our network of dealers

There are those who believe that selling is primarily about empathy, and those who believe it is primarily about technique.

At Airo we found a way to combine the two perspectives: we try to listen to the objectives and desires of our clients and provide them with the technical advice they need.

As we are convinced that our customers don’t want a platform, they want to work at height with all the possible serenity to concentrate on their activities. This value of ours is shared with all partners, dealers and distributors around the World through training courses to become Lifting Professionals.

      Our after sales service

      Building and selling good platform is quite important but customer care is fundamental.

      For us at Airo, after-sales service means supporting and intervening quickly to respond to customer needs; coordinating the interventions of our technical team at the customer’s premises in good time, to provide a quality service.

      To be even closer to our customers, we are implementing a new remote diagnostics system: far away, so close We cover the territory directly through a network of authorised dealers who are reliable and ready to respond to your needs, whether technical or commercial.

      Our spare parts service

      We  designed our spare parts service considering that customers are often in a hurry and do not always have all the information available. That's why we  simplified the ordering process with online catalogue consultation that makes it easy to find the kit or element you need to order, and we  improved the dedicated area with login and password to place orders directly.

      From our warehouse to your platform, in the simplest possible way.

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      Having a long history, started in 1980, we realised the importance of sharing, from generation to generation, all the knowledge that made our platforms always reliable. And just as we implemented the good practice of internal training, we want to share it with our partners, distributors and dealers. Our courses are run by technicians from our research and development department and by MAWP professionals qualified to train dealers and service centres.

      Technical trainings

      Dedicated to dealer and customer technicians, the courses are held by AIRO qualified personnel and are divided into different degrees of complexity depending on the level of preparation of the participants.

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