XS8 E Light

Electric micro-scissorlift
The platform with 1m extension and single capacity allows to work in maximum stability and safety at the maximum extension of the machine: this means that the load capacity can be fully exploited without sacrificing height and the whole area of extension.
The XS models have been designed and built to stand up well over time, guaranteeing operational continuity and greater efficiency.
The solid handrails and the extension with roller bearings guarantee stability, safety and agility while working.

40 years of experience in design and manufacturing are a guarantee of reliability and durability.
  • Comandi proporzionali
  • Portata in piattaforma 250 kg / 2 persone
  • Macchina per uso interno
  • Batteria di tipo “Deep Cycle” con caricabatterie integrato a tenuta stagna
  • Pianale estensibile manualmente (m 1,00)
  • Sterzo a 81°
  • Sistema automatico antiribaltamento per traslazione alla massima altezza
  • Ringhiere ribaltabili verso l’interno
  • Limitatore del carico in piattaforma
  • Ruote “Cushion Soft System” antitraccia

Technical specifications

Max. working heightmm8000
Max. platform heightmm6000
Total capacitykg250
Max. N.° personsn2
Battery ChargerV/A24/25
Total weightkg1520
XS8 E Light